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  • Huntersville, Batesville’s oldest beginning
    2021 marks the 184th anniversary of the founding of Huntersville Evangelical Protestant Church, now known as St. John’s United Church of Christ. The founding of the church in 1836 marked the beginning of a community centered around  Huntersville platted in 1841. Huntersville is now the oldest part of present-day Batesville.
  • The Rossburg Baptist Cemetery is located in Decatur County just off of Interstate 74.
  • Pioneers of Batesville Amack, Bates, Dunn & Sims
    The city of Batesville was not established until 1852, but the history behind Batesville begins much earlier with Teunis (Tunis) Amack (1812-) and his wife Nancy Rader Amack. The Amacks were two of the first settlers in Batesville and like many pioneers of the period, had a dream of owning their own farm.
  • Library corner
    The Batesville Memorial Public Library will offer Winter Reading beginning Jan. 11th and running through Feb. 5th. This is a mini version of our popular Summer Reading and is for all ages. You will create your Winter Reading account on our website, then count and record the minutes you read.
  • The Courage to Venture
    Happy Birthday to the Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg!
  • The price of liberty is eternal vigilance
    2020, the “year of the pandemic,” came with seemingly unsurpassable challenges, not only on a personal level but at a national level as well. In Jan. 2020, our nation was about to plummet into the vast, wide-open space of the unknown that accompanied COVID-19, and I received a promotion to a leadership role at Whitewater Publications.
  • True.Good.Beautiful, Batesville
    Well, I got that letter back from Santa, he spoke of his reindeer, Mrs. Claus and the weather; he filled me in on the latest elf shenanigans and mentioned a new workout plan he has for the new year. In response to my Christmas spirit this is what dear old Santa has to say: 
  • Sisters of St. Francis celebrate 170 years in 2021
    The Sisters of St. Francis have been serving the Oldenburg community for just two weeks shy of 170 years.
  • Are you smarter than an 8th grader?
  • True.Good.Beautiful, Batesville.
    “As she sewed, she told a story
    From the Bible, she had read
    About a coat of many colors
    Joseph wore and then she said
    Perhaps this coat will bring you
    Good luck and happiness
    And I just couldn't wait to wear it
    And momma blessed it with a kiss.”
  • Could you hack it as a teacher in 1872?
    The Huntersville Rules for teachers - 1872
  • Are you smarter than an eighth grader?
    Are you smarter than an 8th grader from Batesville in 1923? Check below!
  • Homespun Recipes - Meg's Grandma's Christmas Cookies
    “Food in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy...it’s about sharing, it’s about honesty, it’s about identity.”
  • True.Good.Beautiful Batesville, Delores Cross
    It is the great bird debate in my family this time of year-smoke, fry, or roast Tom Turkey is all we talk about. We do not like to argue, so we usually do all three, because between bucks and birds, these conversations grow more colorful with each passing year.
  • Batesville is home to Olympic Gold and so much more...
    The city of Batesville was established in 1852 and has over 150 years of rich history full of heritage and tradition.
  • True.Good.Beautiful Batesville.
    Recently during a visit to the Appalachian mountains with my husband, a few family members and a handful of church pastors, I was ping-ponged with phrases and sayings not to mention old bluegrass tunes that struck a recognition chord. My mother used to use a phrase, “Kingdom come....” as in, “don't play with fireworks they will blow you from here to kingdom come!” 
  • True.Good.Beautiful, celebrating Hobo Hut
    When I was a freshman in College... technically it's a “University” now, but back then we were small potatoes. My Psychology Professor was exactly as you would picture a professor, tall and thin, wide eyed with metal round rimmed glasses and a smart looking mustache.
  • True.Good.Beautiful, celebrating 100 years
    Sunday's are for church and family, my Papaw said. I also knew he looked forward to a nap in his big chair, it was putred yellow rough tapestry and reclined, but he rarely sat still long enough to enjoy that particular feature...except on Sunday's. Sunday also meant Grandma would make her blueberry cheesecake for dessert, while a fan big ominous and strong enough to blow the Holy Spirit through the entire house stood whirling in the doorway.
Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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