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  • Bettice gives State 
of City address, Hwy. 229 to be paved this summer
    Mayor Mike Bettice started his virtual State of the City address Tuesday, Feb.16, by thanking frontline workers and urging Batesville residents to support local businesses and get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as they’re eligible.
  • Director Shannon Schmaltz sits down to talk about Ripley County programs
    The mission of the Ripley County Court Services and the Advisory Board is “to provide the Circuit and Superior Courts with Adult and Juvenile Probation services along with Community Corrections sentencing alternatives in an effort to help make the community a safer place through a balanced system of evidence-based practices and services to the offenders. The court services staff is the most valuable resource in accomplishing our mission.”

  • Smiling Eyes
    The morning of my first vaccine rollout volunteer assignment greeted me with six inches of snow in southeast Indiana after a typical forecast of two inches. I knew the vaccine center would be forced to close if the county went to “red alert,” but everything I could find online that morning said we were still a go.
  • Fifty-years in prison - Series 1 Part 5
    The Billy Conn Jr. series has been challenging to navigate in a sense. My intent is to offer readers a fair and transparent view of the person behind a fifty-year prison sentence. Interestingly, many questioned why this topic was my first choice for the "School of Thought" series that kicked off in 2021.
    I chose this topic because although it is one person's story, the story's components are relatable to all somehow.
  • 17-year cicadas coming soon
    The Whitewater Valley may be in the midst of a winter storm, but soon enough, the warmth of spring will arrive and with it, millions of cicadas.
    While cicadas are a normal summer occurrence in Indiana, and across much of the temperate and tropical zones of the world, 2021 will see the return of Brood X, one of the largest and most widespread groups of cicadas.
  • Remembering the “Great Blizzard” of 1978
    The blizzard of 1978 was 43 years ago and is known as the historic winter storm that would set records in the Midwest.
    Awareness months increase as more organizations work to share in-depth information on essential topics ranging from domestic abuse to breast cancer. On Feb. 3, newly-elected President Joe Biden proclaimed February 2021 as National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month. For Safe Passage prevention team member Danielle Becker, prevention is something she works to raise awareness on every day.
  • Morning Commute Road Conditions
    Road conditions provided by INDOT
  • Mayor Bettice will provide virtual State of the City on Feb. 16
    Batesville Mayor Mike Bettice will deliver the 2021 State of the City at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, February 16.
  • Batesville Common Council, Board of Works 
Meet, Med MIzer Tax Abatement Passed
    The Batesville Common Council and Board of Works met, Monday, Feb. 8. On the board of works agenda was a street closure request from Cook Performance for their upcoming Olympics March 6.
  • A personal look at mental health
    Next week will be the second to last article in the Billy Conn Jr. series, “Fifty years in prison.” As the end approaches, I decided to take a brief break this week and share what readers can expect from the next series, “A personal look at mental health.
  • Fifty yeas in prison - Series 1, Part 4
    A brief glimpse into Billy Conn's life timeline and criminal history in Indiana barely scratches the surface of what else there is to tell about Conn. Conn had several other stories about growing up that would break the heart of those who took time to listen, but many I felt were too personal to be shared for the first time in a newspaper. In Indiana, Conn's criminal history is only a snapshot of his criminal history and did not include the similar charges he received in Ohio or Kentucky.
  • 65+ are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine
    Indiana has announced the COVID-19 vaccine is now open to health care workers, first responders and anyone 65 years or older.
  • Margaret Mary Health Blood Drive
    Margaret Mary Health, in conjunction with Hoxworth Blood Center, is hosting a blood drive 8 AM to 5 PM in a donor bus outside the hospital.
  • Indiana named second best state for drivers
    The personal finance website WalletHub recently named Indiana the second best state in the nation for drivers.
  • Get federal tax refund faster
    As community members begin to receive their 2020 W-2s, many are looking for the fastest way possible to receive the funds from their tax returns. The Internal Revenue has a suggestion to help taxpayers receive their refund quickly by filing electronically and choosing direct deposit.
  • Non-profits work together to inspire young girls
    The Southeastern Indiana YMCA has partnered with Girls on the Run Margaret Mary Health to provide a location for teams to meet during their seasons.
  • Lengthy investigation ends in probation
    An over three-year investigation into a local restaurant chain owning Los Primos (Bright), El Reparo (Brookville), El Reparo (Liberty), El Reparo (Greensburg), El Reparo (Rushville), and Mez Cal (Rushville) has come to a close as a result of plea agreements made by the defendants and Dearborn County prosecutor Lynn Deddens.
    There will be no charges in a fatal September shooting that occurred in Batesville, announced Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Chris Huerkamp. According to Prosecutor Huerkamp, the death resulted from a justifiable use of force by the shooter to defend his mother from a violent attack at the hands of the deceased.
Saturday, February 27, 2021
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