In the early morning hours of Jan. 11, 2021, a 911 call was placed at 12:11 a.m. resulting in Kristina “Krissy” Jones found unresponsive in the bathroom of a residence located at County Road 700 West, north of Holton. The caller, Marilee McEvoy, reported that her son (Rodney)arrived at his home and found Jones in his bathtub unresponsive. Rodney expressed McEvoy and her husband Don needed to come to his residence right away because something was wrong with Jones. McEvoy feared Jones had been beaten and started lifesaving efforts until first responders arrived. Jones was pronounced deceased on the scene and was found to have injuries consistent with a homicide.

The autopsy that  was conducted shortly after her death indicated Jones had in fact died as a result of a gunshot wound sustained. The Indiana State Police began investigating the circumstances that resulted in the death of Jones. The two-month long investigation led to a suspect, Jordan Knduson, age 36, who had formerly been in a relationship with Jones. The case was presented to the Ripley County Prosecutor’s Office for review. As a result, a warrant was issued for Jordan Knudson for one count of  Murder, a level 1 felony.

Rodney was questioned by ISP regarding his relationship with Jones. Rodney explained Jones had been staying with him because she was scared of Jordan Knudson. Detectives found Jones was married to Adam Jones currently, but had been seperated for two years and Jones had been in a relationship with Knudson during the two years.

When speaking with detectives, Knudson said in the evening hours of Jan. 8, Jones had stayed with him and then the next afternoon Knudson said he dropped Jones off at the Holton Food Mart so she could wait for a friend.

On Jan. 9 Jones reached out to another friend and told  she was hiding from Knudson. Knudson maintained his innoncence in regards to Jones as the investigation proceeded.

On Jan 12, after the autopsy was performed by Hamilton Co., Forensic Pathologist Gretel Stephens determined the cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds to the head and further obtained evidence from the autopsy that revealed the gunshot wounds were made by  a .410 caliber gun.
The probable cause affidavit went on to explain Jordan Knudson’s parents, Norman and Pina Knudson, purchased a Mossberg 500 .410 pump shotgun and three boxes of .410 shotgun shells at Walmart in Greensurg on July 14, 2020. Norman and Pina Knudson last saw the weapon on Dec. 24, 2020, when Jordan placed it and some ammunition in the house. Norman disclosed that he became aware this .410 shotgun was missing from the residence as of Jan. 11, 2021 along with a box of .410 shells. A search warrant was conducted at the Knudson farm. Assistance was given by the Indiana State Fire Marshal’s office. Evidence of .410 shot shells was recovered from a burn site. A search warrant was conducted at the Knudson residence on Jan. 12, and located in the den on the first floor of the residence was a complete box of .410 shot gun shells. Also found was an unspent .410 shotgun shell on the floor of the basememt. The evidence obtained, along with other evidence was enough probable cause to issue a warrant for Jordan Knudson.

Knudson appeared on Friday, March 26 at Jennings County Courthouse in North Vernon for a hearing on unrelated charges and was arrested as a result. He was then incarcerated at the Ripley County County Jail pending his initital appearance in Ripley Circuit Court.

Ripley Co. prosecutor Richard Hertel went to the initial hearing Monday, March 29, and asked for a bond in the amount of $2 million dollars cash only.  The judge granted that request.  Jury trial is set for Sept. 14th.