"Hey Cassie, you have a call on line one," they yelled back to the newsroom from the front desk.
I picked up the phone, and heard a warm voice on the other end, as the gentleman on the phone introduced himself. I didn't jot down his name as he said it, and was so engaged in his story, I forgot to ask before the call ended. 

He started by telling me a little about himself. He had been involved over the years with his community and sat on various boards. Next, he painted a picture of Batesville, that can only be expressed by someone captivated with their experience.
He was traveling through from Knoxville. As he approached the Batesville Exit ramp, his tire went flat. That was when he began to paint his picture of a community full of kindness.

He called for help, and was picked up right away. He went to the mechanic and was taken care of. He stayed at the hotel. He visited the Mexican restaurant. He wholeheartedly expressed his appreciation for what he referenced as amazing with "helpful and top-notch employees." 
"You don't always get to hear the good," he continued. "But, I saw your publication and had to call to let the community know how much I enjoyed it."
This will not be a one-time visit for one of Batesville's newest visitors. On his trip back to Knoxville he was stopping back in Batesville to get the second tire the mechanic special ordered for him, and was looking forward to it. He also plans to come back when he can visit longer.