Batesville Area Art Council would like to get the word out that the last day to see the Batesville Umbrella Sky Project will be Sunday, Oct. 24th.  The last scheduled event under the umbrellas, the Skate Jam, will be held Saturday, Oct. 23rd from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm by the Batesville Area Skatepark Advocacy Team. 
BAAC Executive Director Sarah Heppner remarked, “While the Umbrella Sky Project has served as a wonderful and cheerful gathering space for our community members and many more visitors, the umbrellas have definitely reached the end of their lifespan. But, BAAC has exciting news! Once the umbrellas come down, holiday lights will adorn the structure for the winter, and a new display will be installed for next summer. So, for those who did not get to see our umbrellas at their peak, there will be more picture-perfect opportunities to come back to Batesville for a visit!”
BAAC President Kendra Basler encourages those interested in seeing the new displays to follow the BAAC website and/or Facebook page for updates. 
Source: BAAC