Batesville residents were surprised to see Steak n’ Shake closed abruptly on Wednesday, Sept 8 with a sign on the door stating the location was closed permanently. All of the steak n’ shake signage was also removed from the building.

Biglari Holding’s is the parent company of Steak n’ Shake. According to Biglari Holdings’ quarterly report in 2020 steak n’ shake closed 51 of its locations permanently and the company’s turnaround plan relies on selling corporate owned restaurants to franchisees. The new structure will include self-service kiosks to improve efficiency and transition to empower guests to place and pick up their own orders. This would eliminate the brand’s dine-in aspect according to a letter to shareholders dated Feb. 26, 2021. from Sardar Biglari, chamirman of the board of Biglari Holdings.
"Although most of our dining rooms are currently closed, we are not dispensing with them altogether; rather, we intend to equip units with advanced self-service," Biglari wrote in the letter. "What will be most evident to our returning patrons is that instead of ordering at the table, or even at a counter with an attendant, our guests will now initiate their transaction at a kiosk."

The company planned to convert to a self-service model prior to the pandemic, Biglari wrote, but the plan would have taken several years to implement.

"We therefore made the decision to emerge from the public health crisis with a different service model for the entire system," he wrote. "In effect, the pandemic hastened the inevitable."

Biglari Holdings Inc. is a holding company owning subsidiaries engaged in a number of diverse business activities, including property and casualty insurance, media and licensing, restaurants, and oil and gas. The Company’s largest operating subsidiaries are involved in the franchising and operating of restaurants.pect each of the six business units to produce profits.