CAPE CORAL,- Robert Goldsmith III will never forget working at his father's downtown Batesville restaurant. 
It was called The Brown Bag and Goldsmith worked in the kitchen before graduating from Batesville High School in 1980. 
"I would go to school for a half-day and then work in the kitchen the other half and that’s where I learned to cook," Goldsmith recalls. 
Following high school, Goldsmith worked in the corporate sector for 40 years, which allowed him to live anywhere in the country. 
"I was living in Georgia at the time and the company I was working for was going to move the plant to Michigan and I didn't want to go to Michigan," Goldsmith said. Goldsmith and his wife, Cindy, decided to head further south to Cape Coral, Florida, where Cindy's parents had retired. They've resided there for 18 years. 

Through the years, Robert never lost his desire to cook. 
Last year, he opened a restaurant in Cape Coral called Goldy's Chicken Shack and among the menu items is Southeastern Indiana fried chicken.
"My dad's chicken recipe at The Brown Bag is the same recipe we use here," Bob said. 
What is the response in Florida to our unique blend of fried chicken? 
"It has been really positive, they don't know what Southeast Indiana fried chicken is but I tell them it's got pepper on it," Goldsmith said. "One guy told me that he doesn't like pepper and I said you obviously don't like my chicken then. I'd say our style is similar to what you get at the Brau Haus."
While he's more than 16 hours away from Batesville, home is never too far away. 
"You would be amazed how many people from Batesville stop in unexpectedly. Just the other day, an old classmate of mine stopped in that I haven't seen in nearly 30 years," he said.

Batesville resident Tim Volz and the Lone Wolf & Friends Acoustic have performed there and have another show scheduled for March 18. 
Goldy's will celebrate their first anniversary on Feb. 20.