“Coloring life, bringing color to gray spaces and making people smile while attracting potential customers to local retail stores” is the motto behind the Umbrella Sky. The Umbrellas Sky began in Agueda, Portugal, with the first Umbrella sky of 1500 colorful umbrellas above the city streets in 2012, and now Batesville has its own Umbrella Sky.

The original Umbrella Sky in 2012 was composed of several colorful art installations spread all around the city, where the sky of umbrellas seemed to float in the air. The way the umbrellas appear to be magically floating became a vital element of the project.
According to Catarina Almeida from Impacplan Marketing Department, “The idea was simple, to bring color and protection to public space while transporting us into a fantasy world.”

 The vision was famous with more than just the community of Agueda. The first festival with the Umbrella Sky was the only year Agueda would have an Umbrella Sky exclusively before the idea went viral. Several other cities wanted to replicate the Umbrella Sky Project.

“The Umbrella Sky Project was a huge success in Águeda which started to attract the attention of the media, visits from foreign tourists,” Almeida said. “With the photos taken for social media, our umbrellas started to spread all over the world. In this way, other cities around the world also began to want to color their streets.”

 Patrícia Cunha, the creative director and owner of Impacplan Art Productions, is from Agueda and is the “mother” of this idea. 

Impacplan Arts Production keeps the project going by making suggestions on different Umbrella Skys. Then customers choose according to their color preferences. Due to recent travel restrictions, it made impossible for the team to travel at times. As a result, the group no longer assembles the installations. Instead, they make proposals to customers, produce the art and then do the assembly in the cities.

  The Umbrella Sky has been displayed in more than 50 cities worldwide, with the smallest city being La Croix-Valmer, France and the largest being Paris, France.

 The Umbrella Sky in Batesville contains 400 multi-colored umbrellas that also seem to float magically in the air while bringing color to the city.
 Batesville is just a stop on the map, as impacplan already has other cities waiting for their turn at a colorful new sky.

“It will probably be in the USA and UK, but we can't confirm yet,” said (waiting on name). “At the moment, we have several art installations in France, USA, Portugal and Spain.”

People can follow the Umbrella Sky by watching Impacplan's Facebook and Instagram accounts (@umbrellaskyproject or @impactplanartproductions) where they announce the next project's location.
“The Umbrella Sky is culturally inclusive, inspiring human connection through the universal power of color,” explained (waiting on name).  “We want to color as many cities as possible and attract people to the colorful streets, thus boosting local businesses.”