The Sisters of St. Francis of Oldenburg announce the execution of a contract with the Greenacres Foundation to acquire the approximately 250 acres which comprise Michaela Farm. Through many meetings, the missions of Michaela Farm and Greenacres Foundation were found to align beautifully in promoting care for the land and all its inhabitants, displaying a similar passion for the environment and agricultural education. 
Michaela Farm has been a Community mission for over 150 years.

Plans include continuing a CSA program and maintaining the availability of garden-fresh produce through the Farm Store.
The Sisters express their gratitude to all who have supported Michaela Farm, as they warmly welcome Greenacres who will carry forward many of the same opportunities desired by the Sisters.

Greenacres Foundation was founded in 1988 and was Louis and Louise Nippert's gift to the community. Combining their love of the land and farming with their appreciation of Cincinnati's classical arts, Greenacres provides educational programming to over 30,000 local students annually while preserving and generatively farming over 1,200 acres in southwest Ohio. 
Source: Sue Siefert