The last 48-hours have been stressful to Metamora residents. Whitney Saterfield, a Metamora resident explains what she experienced at 5 a.m. on Friday, March 6. “I was in my living room camped out with my children. I’m a night shifter so I was awake watching NCIS when my dogs started barking.” What happened next was something Saterfield would never expect in the sleepy little town of Metamora. “The lights were out in the living room other than the TV. I looked in the direction of where my dogs were barking and the curtain we have separating the hallway from living room moved.” Saterfield saw the curtain move and then saw the man that was causing the dogs to bark. The man saw Saterfield, threw out a “Oh sorry,” and exited the same door he walked in.

Unfortunately, Saterfield and her family were not the only that had a disturbing run in with the man. Mary Pollitt who lives on the opposite end of Metamora reported at 7 a.m. a male with a dark hoody and blue jeans was standing outside of their gate and looking into their vehicle. Fortunately, Pollit also has dogs that alerted her. 

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Dept was alerted and residents noted several police driving through town late Friday night.
The man was described as around 5’10, and 160lbs with possibly a shaved head, dark hair growing  in and a goatee. He was last seen wearing a dark hoody and was described at between 20 and 30.

The Franklin County’s Sheriff’s Department has been contacted. A statement had not been received at the time of publication.
This is an ongoing story. Updates will be provided as more information is provided.