Batesville Intermediate School third grade students Lane Moody and Cristiano Barajas were honored at the Sept. 20 school board meeting. Moody and Barajas stopped and stood at attention while biking past a local veteran's funeral. The two boys were unknowingly filmed by a local woman and the video went viral on social media.
The board also viewed presentations from Mike Schipp with Fanning and Howey and Brent Habegger with Baker Tilly regarding prospective football stadium and locker room improvements and financing for those improvements. Superintendent Paul Ketcham explained via email, “the football stadium project will begin as soon as football is over. We bid it out with the Batesville High School cafeteria renovation, but the bids came back too high and at the time we did not have the funding to do the stadium project.” The stadium and locker room renovations will be funded through the sale of $4 million in bonds – this will not affect property taxes and is a “tax neutral project,” per Ketcham.
Three resolutions relating the project were passed unanimously. The travel request list was also approved.
A bus replacement budget for 2022 was discussed – currently approximately 75% of BCSC students ride the bus at least occasionally and the district operates 28 routes, logging more than 1,000 miles a day, combined. BCSC hires independent contractors to operate the buses and is currently in the third year of a four-year agreement with its current contractors. Currently, BCSC is looking at a budget of $125,000 to purchase district-owned buses only.
BCSC's 2022 budget will be adopted at the Oct. 18 school board meeting.