The Umbrella Sky Project was born in the Portuguese city of Águeda, in 2012, with a goal of impacting the community festival held in Agueda. That impact extended far beyond the streets of Agueda and is now impacting people worldwide with color and art right amongst city streets. The city of Batesville is now on the list of places to host the Umbrella Sky Project.
The Umbrella Sky Project has been displayed in places such as Libson, Paris, Stockholm, Pensacola, Miami and many more. 
So, what can you expect when visiting the Umbrella Sky? Hundreds of umbrellas that appear to be “floating magically in mid-air, bringing a shower of color creating a beautiful scene.”
The Umbrella Sky is welcoming visitors from now until mid-October and is located on the Village Green parking lot west side.  The 
location is quickly becoming a favorite Batesville photo opportunity with families and friends standing under hundreds of brightly colored umbrellas. (See photos shared by community members by searching the hashtag #umbrellasky batesville.)

The project has been promoted across the local region as well as in Cincinnati and Indianapolis. One visitor from nearby Rushville shared, “Worth the drive. It comes alive once you're under the umbrella,” along with several photos taken during the visit. A local Batesville resident along with a picture posted, “Super excited about this! The Umbrella Sky is up in downtown Batesville. Absolutely beautiful!”
It is gaining the attention of community members, and the worldwide media. The project even caught the attention of the Washington Post which recently featured an article on the project. 

Visitors will be able to stroll underneath the display and appreciate the colors or enjoy one of several events held under the Umbrella Sky. For a complete listing of events, visit the BAAC website, Baac