When life gives you bad apples, make apple pie. Taking a twist from the age-old adage referring to lemons and lemonade, this altered aphorism seems to be very appropriate for the Batesville Kiwanis in the current time.
Batesville Kiwanis has been hosting the annual AppleFest for three decades now, and this coming weekend would have marked their 31st Annual AppleFest celebration. However, due to the health concerns associated with the global pandemic, AppleFest was canceled. Despite this unfortunate event, the club has improvised and is making the most of the current situation.
Typically, AppleFest serves as a major fundraiser for the Batesville Kiwanis as well as many other Batesville area organizations that set up at the event.
“AppleFest is a community event. As we like to say, thethe Kiwanis puts the ‘FUN’ in fundraiser as we strive to provide fun, family activities during the annual festival. The event has turned into an economic development event. It provides an opportunity for other area organizations such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Lions Club, Batesville Beautific-ation League and many others to fundraise,” explained Batesville Kiwanis club president Paul Ketcham.
The event typically features hands-on learning activities for children and musical entertainment for all, as well as the ever-popular Apple Bud and Apple Blossom, Apple Jack and Apple Dumpling, and Apple King and Apple Queen pageants for kindergarten, second, and fourth-grade students, respectively. Despite the cancellation, Batesville Kiwanis is dedicating their efforts to other events to aid the local community.
On Saturday, Sept. 26, in lieu of AppleFest, the Kiwanis have organized a Community Clean-Up Day, in which several Batesville area civic groups and youth organizations will all come together to clean up the Batesville community.
As this event will not be generating funding like AppleFest normally does, the Batesville Kiwanis is relying on other fundraising programs this year. The club recently hosted their annual golf outing, which was very successful given the current guidelines and restrictions due to the pandemic. Additionally, they are hosting a 50/50 Holiday Cash Raffle which will award a monetary prize to three winners. Raffle tickets can be purchased for $20 each by contacting a Kiwanis member directly, reaching out on the club’s Facebook page, or sending an email to the club. The drawing will be held on Friday, Dec. 4, at the Liberty Park Pavilion at 4 p.m.
The money generated through the Batesville Kiwanis’ fundraisers are put back into the community through a variety of different projects. Some of the club’s projects include, but are not limited to, free summer movies, scholarships for graduating seniors, sponsorship of the Bates-ville Soccer League, sponsorship of Key Club, Kiwanis Student Leader-ship Academy (KSLA) for Batesville High School students, and sponsorship of K-Kids for Batesville Inter-mediate School students.
“As a club, we say that the ‘K’ in Kiwanis stands for ‘kids’ and with that being said, all of our projects benefit the community or the local students,” explained Ketcham.
This directly reflects the Kiwanis International purpose, which is “to improve the quality of life for children and families worldwide.”
In regards to this year’s different situation, Bates-ville Kiwanis board member Ed Krause stated, “we know that many groups are disappointed with the need to cancel the AppleFest this year, and we want those groups to know that we understand their disappointment, and we look forward to being able to host the traditional event next year.”
“We hope next year will be bigger and better than ever,” added Ketcham.
Any individuals interested in becoming involved with Batesville Kiwanis are encouraged to reach out to a member of the club. Ketcham explained that the club welcomes all levels of involvement and noted that they have a Friends of the Kiwanis group as well.
“Many hands make for light work,” stated Ketch-am.
The club meets from 7-8 a.m. at Amack’s Well on Tuesday mornings after the first Tuesday of each month. Individuals are not required to attend all meetings, but they are welcomed to attend to learn more about the club and its mission.